Do you have a large property that would benefit from its own trail system? We can help design a trail right in your own backyard to accommodate hiking, biking, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing. If you have been thinking about developing your property to its fullest outdoor and recreational potential, Rossmann Landscaping can get you started.


Your trail needs to adhere to the principles of hydrology, soil science, and geometry while connecting people with the natural environment. We take note of the terrain to incorporate its best use into your design. 


Rossmann Landscaping removes the majority of the small trees and brush to provide a solid and sustainable path. We also build trails that consider water flow; low lying areas are avoided as are fall line trails.

After the design and construction of your trail, we offer trail maintenance packages. Over the winter your trails will likely experience some damage and the spring melt may also cause some erosion that can require some repair. We can assist with varying levels of damage from harsh weather storms and conditions.

Bike Trail