A healthy, well-managed forest property provides protection against soil erosion in adjacent fields caused by both wind and water. These areas also benefit neighbouring communities by improving surface water quality and helping to manage stormwater drainage, which prevents flooding issues.

To ensure that privately-owned forests are sustainably managed for the long-term benefit of owners and the surrounding communities, Rossmann Landscaping can assist with forestry services including both equipment rentals and service.

We offer clearing services, which is the process of clearing out a forested lot for a building structure. This service offers and includes a full clean-up of the site at the end of the project. Lot clearing services include:

  • Full tree removal

  • Wood removal

  • Brush removal

  • Stump removal

  • Vegetation Management

Rossmann Landscaping offers rental equipment for your next Do-It-Yourself project. Contact us if you are looking to rent a log splitter or chainsaw.

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw