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Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space makes it a destination and provides an extension to your living space. Whether you are having an intimate glass of wine with your partner, family time or a large gathering, the warmth of a fire brings people together. It also provides an inviting spot for some quiet solitude.

In the evening, you and your guests are drawn to a fire pit to relax, enjoy food and beverages, get cozy, and enjoy the company of each other. Our customized stone fire pits complement your home, landscape, and the terrain around it.

Rossmann Landscaping helps you with the design that will suit your outdoor space. With safety in mind, we help select a location that is a reasonable distance from your house or other buildings, away from fuel storage, supply lines, and clear of low-hanging tree or shrub branches. Our team also understands the bylaws for fire pits for your area in regards to fire pit size and usage as well as any required permits for the homeowner.

We are proud to use locally sourced materials for your fire pit area. Our stone is quarried in Ontario and provides many design options that will bring together your style preference and outdoor area needs.

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